Brothers, Families & Friends,

Over a century ago, the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity was founded at New York University by 11 determined students who were committed to strengthening the Jewish community while in pursuit of a better college experience. Their small, nightly dinners transformed into a recognized New York University fraternity, and eventually flourished into an international fraternity 100,000 students strong.

Just two years ago, ten underclassman at Southern Methodist University looked to replicate what was achieved 100 years prior. Building & growing the Jewish community on a Methodist campus would take dedication and commitment, but it was a challenge we were willing to undertake. We formed our Tau Chi chapter based on Alpha Epsilon Pi’s core principles: to provide a non-discriminatory and open organization to those interested in its values.

Along the way, we came across many obstacles, but today we stand stronger than ever with my fellow AEPi Brothers. As the first chapter recognized by SMU’s Inter-Fraternity Council in over 35 years, we truly believe that our organization enriches all aspects of student life here at SMU, while helping shape our Brothers into future business leaders and world changers.

I look forward to helping our AEPi chapter grow, as we continue to help shape and enrich SMU’s campus. Please reach out to me directly, at, for any inquiries or questions.


James Ellison
President, 2017-2018